Now’s The Time

Are you tired of your situation and haven’t been able to figure out how to change it? Have you forgotten that life can be easier and more satisfying? Are you:

  • anxious, depressed, or feeling overwhelmed?
  • having trouble concentrating, or losing your temper?
  • eating too much or too little; sleeping too much or too little?
  • using the computer, alcohol, drugs, working, shopping, or TV to distract yourself?
  • fatigued: physically, emotionally, and/or mentally?
  • struggling with your personal relationships, dealing with a divorce, or just lonely?
  • having difficulty with a certain person: a boss, co-worker, in-law, child, or neighbor?
  • unhappy, or simply not enjoying your life?

The fact that you are visiting this site means you probably have thought quite a bit about going to counseling. No doubt you had reasons for putting it off . . . but waiting hasn’t helped you (perhaps it’s even made things worse). You’re not alone. Many people struggle for too long before taking that first step to feel better.


The fact is, there are very good reasons to talk with a professional counselor sooner rather than later:

This trained professional uses skillful listening to help you sift through your situation, your emotions, and identify the way out.

Your counselor helps you figure out solutions that make sense and feel right to you.

She has experience with problems like yours and offers compassion, understanding, and effective strategies.

It’s confidential, and you won’t be judged, just helped.

Don’t wait. Life is short. The sooner you start, the sooner you’ll feel better.

I appreciate you for visiting this site, and wish you the best.
Please contact me so that I can help you.