Gifted Adults: Let’s Talk

Highly intelligent, sensitive, and/or multi-talented individuals face unique and sometimes very difficult challenges. I specialize in helping them address their particular obstacles to a satisfying and meaningful life. My goal is to help them:

  • understand and embrace their talents and differences
  • learn about the gifted traits of intensity, complexity, and drive
  • take the risks required to enjoy their abilities and live authentically

Not sure whether you’re a gifted adult? No problem . . . it’s often a matter of degree rather than a yes/no question. Take a look at the Gifted Adult Life Satisfaction Survey, as well as the list in the right-hand column.

And of course, please contact me to explore your giftedness.

As a Gifted Adult, How Well Do You . . .

Identify and accept your talents, sensitivities, and the positive personality traits associated with your exceptional abilities?

Realize that what others might say is “wrong with you” are actually your best talents and traits?

Respond to negative messages–both internal and external–about the unique ways you perceive, think and feel?

Support your self-esteem and take responsibility for developing and enjoying your strengths?

Take the necessary risks to enjoy your abilities and find support, acceptance and belonging?

Recommended Reading for Gifted Adults . . .
And for Those Who Care About Them

Also recommended: VIA (Values In Action) Survey of Character Strengths. This survey is free when you register at University of Pennsylvania’s Authentic Happiness website.